Luminex 3D Female PM
A sophisticated combination of EGF aimed at wrinkle-reduction and skin-lightening, removing imperfections and impurities.   A powerful blend of peptides relieves hyper-pigmentation, providing the optimal nourishment for an even skin tone and healthy moisture levels. Exfoliate and energize the skin on a daily basis with a formula aimed to heal blemishes and dramatically improve skin elasticity over time.  Its moisture retention benefits and restores skin to a natural balance of moisture, removes blemishes, reverses signs of aging, and reduces skin discolouration.  Clears blackheads, blocked pores, and dead skin cells accelerating cellular renewal. This superior serum reveals healthy, luminous skin, leaving it feeling supple, hydrated and youthfully plumped with a silky texture that instantly absorbs. Skin Types: For all skin types
Age Reversion 3D Female AM
A powerful blend of super ingredients targeting premature aging Reverse the aging process with our ultimate DNA-regenerating vitamin A + C + peptide serum, offering a powerful blend of super ingredients targeting premature aging and mature skin.  Stimulates collages while encouraging the removal Healing of scar tissue to replicate your most youthful complexion with fewer blemishes, enlarged pores, and other skin imperfections. This unique formula contains anti-inflammatories. Perfect for: Soothing irritated skin and promoting liposomal delivery for epidermal remodelling, healing, and supreme nourishment.   Suitable Skin Types: Normal / Sun Damaged/ Sensitive /Inflamed
I-Recover Eye Serum
A serum that is highly efficient for reducing anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, rapidly decreasing dark circles and puffiness over time. Poor circulation in the capillaries of skin surrounding the eye area contributes to dark circles, leaving the eyes tired. Insufficient circulation leads to a blood overflow, increasing pressure on the tissue, and resulting in inflammation and bruising. Our powerful I-Recovery IQ Serum formula features a concentrated blend of ingredients targeting anti-aging, specifically in the eye area using the natural herb Arnica combined with vitamin K. This unique concentrate contains the remarkable peptide known as SNAP-8. This powerful peptide reduces the depth of wrinkles on the face caused by the contraction of muscles during facial expressions around the eyes. The addition of magnesium, zinc, and copper, essential elements for cellular energy assist collagen synthesis and aid wound healing. Skin Types: All/Dark Circles/Puffiness/Aging and Wrinkles /Pre- and Post-Surgery/Injectables