Platinum Peptide
Contains 100% of the peptides needed for skin repair, protection and growth. Infuse your skincare routine with Platinum Peptides, a superior platinum powerhouse bFGF + EF serum targeting post-laser, post-peels, sunburns, wound healing, and scar reduction. Restore collagen, elasticity and even out skin tone using Platinum Peptides daily as directed and as part of your skincare routine. Its moisture retention benefits reduce dryness, itching and burning, restoring your skin to a natural balance of moisture for growth, repair, protection and DNA repair.  Retains much-need moisture levels, and reduces dryness, itching, and burning. An optimal concentration of biomimetic growth factors, peptides and medical-grade Hyaluronic Acid dramatically boosts the skin’s youthful hydration levels, accelerates cellular repair, and assists collagen synthesis. Rebuild damaged structural scaffolding, lightening effects, and skincare maintenance using powerful ingredients. Potency: Provides optimal concentration of biomimetic growth factors, peptides, and medical-grade hyaluronic acid. Dramatically boosts the skin’s youthful hydration levels and accelerates cellular repair. Assists with collagen synthesis, rebuilding of damaged structural scaffolding, and improving skin elasticity. 
Age Reversion 3D Female AM
A powerful blend of super ingredients targeting premature aging Reverse the aging process with our ultimate DNA-regenerating vitamin A + C + peptide serum, offering a powerful blend of super ingredients targeting premature aging and mature skin.  Stimulates collages while encouraging the removal Healing of scar tissue to replicate your most youthful complexion with fewer blemishes, enlarged pores, and other skin imperfections. This unique formula contains anti-inflammatories. Perfect for: Soothing irritated skin and promoting liposomal delivery for epidermal remodelling, healing, and supreme nourishment.   Suitable Skin Types: Normal / Sun Damaged/ Sensitive /Inflamed
Hydra DNA Shield
A serum that offers cutting-edge DNA repair and protection, skin rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction, skin-lightening, and optimal hydration over time and with consistent use. This vital nourishing serum guards against premature aging, creating a physical barrier to UV ray absorption, inhibiting free radicals, and preventing further damage from sun exposure. Complete youth restoration complex with a superior, silky feel. Infuses skin with technologically advanced biomimetic peptide, potent vitamins, anti-oxidants, natural moisturizing factors and lipids. Skin Types: Dry/ Dehydrated/ Healing/Sensitive/All
Dynamic Day Serum Clear For Kids
Infuses skin with technologically-advanced biomimetic peptides, protein vitamins, anti-oxidants, natural moisturising elements, and vital lipids. Our ultimate cutting-edge DNA repair and protection serum offers skin rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction/anti-aging, skin lightening, and total hydration when used daily and over time.  This vital nourishing serum soothes the skin as it prevents premature aging, creating a physical barrier to dangerous UV ray absorption while inhibiting penetration from the sun and daily exposure to UV rays. This serum offers a complete youth restoration complex with a superior, silky feel that doesn’t clog the pores. Skin Types: Dry/ Dehydrated/ Healing/ Sensitive/ All 
Dynamic Day Serum Tinted
Next generation dispersion of minerals that adapt to individual skin tone delivering photoshop luminosity. Our formulated Dynamic Day Serum Tinted illuminating serum hydrates, calms, protects, and covers. It contains a cutting-edge, antioxidant enriched sheer tint mimicking virtual skin, fortifying in a luxurious silky and velvet luster. Provides potent DNA repair, immune protection, skin rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction, anti-inflammatory, pigment inhibition, and skin barrier repair while retaining moisture. Infuses skin with technologically advanced biomimetic peptide, potent vitamins, and natural moisturizing factors. This vital nourishing serum calms and guards against premature aging, creating a physical barrier to UV ray absorption. Complete youth restoration complex with immediate radiance.  Skin Types: Light – Vs1 type skin medium – Vs2 type skin (medium to darker skin)
Triple C
Remove blemishes and other skin discolouration over time with a luxurious formula meant for year-round use. Indulge in our Tripe C formula for the face, body, and skin. Protect yourself from sun damage and harmful UV exposure daily with a clean formula meant to hydrate and alleviate skin damage.  Lightening skin over time; may help reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation. Potent antioxidant properties protect against DNA cell damage induced by UV exposure and sunburns. Prevents and repairs lipid peroxidation, plumping fine lines and rejuvenating the skin's youthfulness. Protects the skin against premature aging, promotes collagen synthesis and collagen protection, restoring and maintains skin youth over time and daily use. Uses 10% Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate (Liquid Vitamin C ) is one of the most beneficial cosmetic antioxidants available today, world-renowned for its effectiveness. Our cosmetic Vitamin C oil-soluble liquid prevents lipid peroxidation. Lipid peroxidation is a process that results from free radical damage, contributing to cell damage and premature aging. Our lipophilic Vitamin C liquid instantly absorbs into the skin, providing added protection and nourishment. The modified antioxidant vitamin is released as pure C internally, allowing it to become stable within the body as it works to protect against UV-induced cell damage and lipid peroxidation, two of the strongest contributors of the aging process. Skin Types: For all skin types
Crystalys Ultra Pigment Serum
Experience gradual skin lightening and even skin tone using natural ingredients designed with oxidants targeting all forms of hyper-pigmentation and inflammation.   This lightweight serum offers nutrients aimed to nourish the skin as it removes cell damage, corrects skin texture, and removes impurities. Helps alleviate acne and discolouration. This formula of skin clarifying anti-oxidants target all forms of pigmentation and inflammation. Liposomal delivery enhances the penetration of the serum, allowing the skin to absorb these potent ingredients for fast results. First Step: Amp up and personalise your skincare routine with a specialised serum targeting problem areas as it smoothes over pours and prevents irritation. Synergistically target tyrosinase by inhibiting melanin production, preventing free radicals from causing further discolouration. Skin Type: Inflammation /hyperpigmentation /discolouration/all skin types / Pigmented/Acneic
Cleanse & NeoRose
Experience ultimate luxury with a blend of potent ingredients designed to balance out the skin's hydration levels, revealing a rejuvenation and natural glow from within. This refreshing facial cleanser is specifically created for sensitive skin without stripping the face of natural oils and causing further damage or discomfort. Achieve ultimate radiance by using an ultra-nourishing formula leaving your skin refreshed, hydrated, and dewy. Hydrating Benefits: Removes impurities and cosmetics with this foaming cleanser, leaving the skin hydrated, soft, and smooth. Powerful Antioxidants: This gentle facial cleanser contains anti-inflammatory properties tailored toward sensitive and combination skin. Free of: Harmful ingredients that may sometimes cause allergic reactions, including sulfates. MInimize Blemishes & Pores: Reduce irritation, allergic reactions caused by environmental factors and harsh products by cleansing your face with soothing botanicals. Skin type: Sensitive / Reactive / Combination / Oily / Dry
Renew skin to a glowy youthful appearance, clearing up blemishes and skin discolourations.  Our super Rosace serum reduces lesions/erythema, and skin imperfections, while addressing hyperpigmentation with a high-quality natural formula. Speeds up the healing process Unclogs pores and normalises oil balance, resulting in smoother skin.  Uses medical grade liposomal providing long-lasting effects such as anti-inflammatory, biomimetic peptides, probiotics, barrier-repairing botanicals, anti-bacterial and dermal renewal. Skin Type: Blemish / Acne / Rosacea / Oily / Enlarged Pores
I-Recover Eye Serum
A serum that is highly efficient for reducing anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, rapidly decreasing dark circles and puffiness over time. Poor circulation in the capillaries of skin surrounding the eye area contributes to dark circles, leaving the eyes tired. Insufficient circulation leads to a blood overflow, increasing pressure on the tissue, and resulting in inflammation and bruising. Our powerful I-Recovery IQ Serum formula features a concentrated blend of ingredients targeting anti-aging, specifically in the eye area using the natural herb Arnica combined with vitamin K. This unique concentrate contains the remarkable peptide known as SNAP-8. This powerful peptide reduces the depth of wrinkles on the face caused by the contraction of muscles during facial expressions around the eyes. The addition of magnesium, zinc, and copper, essential elements for cellular energy assist collagen synthesis and aid wound healing. Skin Types: All/Dark Circles/Puffiness/Aging and Wrinkles /Pre- and Post-Surgery/Injectables
Blemish Reversion Male AM
Heal most facial blemishes and regenerate DNA using a potent blend of ingredients suitable for all skin types. Our powerful repair serum uses a complete biomimetic system containing anti-aging properties as it resolves oil imbalances. This formula  aids in a speedy recovery for inflamed skin prone to mild to severe breakouts and daily irritation. Potent anti-inflammatories calm and clarify skin by treating infections/infected pores, flairs, and impurities by regulating oil and combination skin types.   Clarify, smooth, and calm your skin Removes free radicals and bacteria Nourishes the skin with a rich formula made for frequent use. Perfect for: Liposomal delivery of actives instigates epidermal remodelling and restoration of scar tissue, softening scar tissue and dissolving other build-ups caused by products or environmental factors. Stimulates collagen to replicate your most youthful complexion in a mild formula that will not cause irritation or redness. Skin Types: All/Oil/Acneic/ Prone to breakouts
Healing 3D Male PM
Our PM serum offers an advanced exfoliating super formula, leaving skin clean, smooth, and renewed. The potent liposomal delivers a medical-grade combination of anti-inflammatories, biomimetic peptides, probiotics, skin-barrier repairing botanicals, anti-bacterial, and dermal removal. Lightweight, silky serum that resurfaces the skin, regenerating a healthy and new youthful skin illuminating glow. Aids in the healing process as the skin-tone evens out, soothes and calms the skin as it delivers much-needed nutrients without causing irritation. Reduces erythema, lesions, and hyperpigmentation over time with daily use.  Skin Type: Blemish/Acneic/Rosacea /Oily/ Enlarged Pores
Luminex 3D Female PM
A sophisticated combination of EGF aimed at wrinkle-reduction and skin-lightening, removing imperfections and impurities.   A powerful blend of peptides relieves hyper-pigmentation, providing the optimal nourishment for an even skin tone and healthy moisture levels. Exfoliate and energize the skin on a daily basis with a formula aimed to heal blemishes and dramatically improve skin elasticity over time.  Its moisture retention benefits and restores skin to a natural balance of moisture, removes blemishes, reverses signs of aging, and reduces skin discolouration.  Clears blackheads, blocked pores, and dead skin cells accelerating cellular renewal. This superior serum reveals healthy, luminous skin, leaving it feeling supple, hydrated and youthfully plumped with a silky texture that instantly absorbs. Skin Types: For all skin types
Reactivate Collagen Restore Moistuiser
Treat yourself to our indulgent silky treatment emulsion, providing a powerful anti-aging process in a rich, nourishing skincare experience.  Brown age spots are diminished through cellular stabilization with a potent boost of age-related ingredients, removing accumulated toxins on the skin's surface/build-up over time. Restores youthful, essential protein scaffolding and connective tissue through regular use. Targets sagging facial areas, restores collagen, elastin, and lipid-deficient skin types, restoring damaged skin to a youthful, dewy glow.  Skin Type: Mature / Dry / Dehydrated / Healing / Sensitive / Stressed